Our Program

Chinese is one of the most commonly used language in the world. Most learning resources online are designed for Chinese language in China, which is Mandarin in simplified Chinese. However, with its large population of the language user, more and more people are interested in Chinese language from the Beijing Mandarin. 

In addition to China, Taiwan is known as a Chinese learning hub for traditional Chinese. With its historical and geographical background, Chinese language in Taiwan develops its style and embraces the language diversity from China and the south east Asian countries.

With the limited resources of learning materials for traditional Chinese, we hope to give Chinese learners an alternative resources in their language learning. 

TaipeiCast is a platform to provide self-learning materials of spoken Chinese in Taiwan. We hope to help the learners learn more about the language, culture, and life in Taiwan. In our programs, you’ll find audio clip in different length with interesting contents. Transcription is provided, so you can learn from what you listen to.

Instead of the most standard accent from the professional and well-trained teacher you learn at school, we’ll give you more natural conversations and accents from the locals who are not specially trained for language teaching. With this practice, you’ll learn more about how the language is spoken in people’s daily lives. You’ll pick up the most natural language that people use every day.