About Us

About Us

Welcome to TaipeiCast!

Here, you can listen to talks from Taipei to everywhere else around the world. We hope to present various usages of spoken Chinese and diverse local accents, as well as provide authentic Taiwanese material!

What’s TaipeiCast?

TaipeiCast is founded by a certified TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) professional from Taipei who is enthusiastic about teaching Chinese. As a language learner and teacher, she saw how many learners were passionate about deepening their learning on the language and local culture, but was aware of the limited resources available. Therefore, she decided to create a platform to provide self-learning materials. She hopes to help the students learn more about the language, culture, and life in Taiwan.


Spoken Chinese in Taiwan

In our programs, you’ll find audio clips in different length with interesting contents. Transcription is provided, so you can refer to it after listening. Instead of using standard accents from professionals and well-trained teachers, we provide natural accents from locals who are not specially trained for language teaching. With this practice, you’ll learn how the language is spoken in people’s daily lives and pick up the natural language that people use every day.


From Taipei to the World

Learn Spoken Chinese in Taiwan

Chinese is one of the most commonly used languages in the world. Most online learning resources are designed for the Chinese language used in China, which is Mandarin in simplified Chinese. However, due to the increased amount of Chinese language users, more people are interested in learning other styles of the Chinese language, besides Beijing Mandarin. Taiwan is known as a Chinese learning hub for traditional Chinese. With its historical and geographical background, the Chinese language in Taiwan developed its style and embraced language diversity from different regions in China and other Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, the website is presented in traditional Chinese, the writing form that is used in Taiwan.


Natural Accents from Locals

Although our team is small, we’re more than happy to provide any help on your language learning. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments. We appreciate your message and feedback.

Happy Learning!

TaipeiCast Team

Level 1 is for learners in lower-intermediate level.