Level 2 is for learners in intermediate level.

Episode 9

I Have A Zoo At Home / 我家是動物園

Many people have dogs or cats at home, but in Da Dong’s , it’s more than that! Listen to this episode, and learn how he got these lovely friends all together in his home! 許多人家裡養狗或貓,但在大東的家可不只這些。在這集,大東要和我們介紹他家的小夥伴們,就像一個小小動物園! Read Transcript Here 逐字稿...

Episode 8

Do You Have Pets / 你有養寵物嗎

Pets have been considered as an important family member nowadays. Do you have pets? Listen to Da Dong’s story about his best friend Martin, a lovely golden retriever!你有養寵物嗎?在現代人的生活中,寵物已被視為家庭成員的一份子。在這集,大東將與我們分享他的黃金獵犬好朋友的故事,牠的名字叫馬丁! Read...

Episode 5

What’s Receipt Lottery / 什麼是統一發票

When you shop, you often get a receipt from cashier. But, it’s actually more than a regular receipt. It’s receipt lottery! Check out this episode to know how it works!買東西時,店員常常會給你一張紙,有時你不拿還不行,那是什麼呢?在這集,你會學到許多有關那張紙的資訊,它叫做「統一發票」! Read Transcript Here...

Episode 4

Do You Like Bubble Tea / 你喜歡珍珠奶茶嗎

Taiwan has been known for its tea culture, especially tea with boba. In this episode, you’ll learn words about bubble tea and our craze about boba!臺灣的茶葉很有名,而臺灣的珍珠奶茶更有名。臺灣是珍珠奶茶的發源地,在這集,你會學到有關珍珠奶茶的用語,也可以聽到我們對珍珠奶茶的狂熱! Read Transcript Here 逐字稿...

Episode 1

Do You Do Housework / 你做家事嗎

Do you do housework? How do you clean your house? In this episode, you’ll learn many words for housework, and an interesting story from Pei Shu!你做家事嗎?你們家都是誰在做家事呢?在這集,你會學到許多跟做家事有關的詞彙,還有沛舒分享的小故事! Read Transcript Here 逐字稿 沛舒:哈囉大家好,這裡是聽見臺北,我是沛舒。...